Bene Beyond Family Medicine is a direct primary care clinic that goes well beyond traditional primary care practices with new wellness assessment and treatment modalities and hands-on health education opportunities that provide opportunity for a totally different health experience than previously possible.  This innovative approach  provides a cozy, hospitality driven, medically facilitated healthcare experience that extends beyond the office visit. The Bene Way standardizes an unparalleled guest experience that honors the patients’ time, incorporates multiple aspects of health and employs a variety of health education techniques all while providing a luxurious hospitality experience with each visit.  The additional time spent with each patient allows for true relationship in the doctor-patient equation.  Patients and providers walk together to reach health and wellness goals.


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Health Excursions

Health Education
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Caring for the person, not just the condition

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A Wholeness Event (AWE) conference series in Denison, Texas.

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