Dear Patient: Contraceptives

Dear patient,

When using contraceptives, there are a few things that you should know.
1.  Not all contraception is right for you.  You should have a talk with your doctor about what options are right for you with special consideration for your lifestyle as well as your personal and family history.
2.  Hormonal contraception is often depended on administering dosages at the correct times.  The more perfect the use, the more perfect the results.
3.  While contraception used correctly prevents pregnancy, only barrier method contraception like condoms limits transmission of sexually transmitted infections.
4.  I generally advised patients to use a back up form of contraception (like condoms) for one month before solely relying on the hormonal contraception to prevent pregnancy.  This gives your body time to adjust to the medication.
5.  Hormonal birth control will not terminate an existing pregnancy.
I just thought you should know…
Live well!

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